Course TitleDuration
LIMS Reporter for Nautilus
In this three day course you will develop the skills required to enable you to create custom reports using LIMS Reporter. This course provides an essential foundation in LIMS Reporter.
3 Days
Managing Nautilus
In this five day foundation course you will acquire the fundamental knowledge you need to understand and use the standard Nautilus LIMS product. It serves as an essential stepping stone to becoming a Nautilus expert.
5 Days
Nautilus Instrument Integration
This course is about integrating instruments with Nautilus. It details management and traceability of these instrument configurations, and the results that they generate. In addition, the course discusses the use of worksheets and racks with Nautilus.
3 Days
Nautilus Plate Handling
In this one day course you will gain the skills needed to understand how to configure the Nautilus LIMS plate handling functionality. This course serves as an essential building block to become a Plate Handling expert in Nautilus.
1 Day