This 1 day course will provide the training to install, configure and use the SampleManager-Chromeleon Link (SMCLink) for creating sequences and importing results.

Course Details

This course provides a detailed look at critical aspects of the SMCLink involved in configuration and use of mapping profiles within SampleManager to create Chromeleon sequences as well as importing Chromeleon results to the appropriate SampleManager tests. Ideally, this training should coincide with the delivery of SampleManager LIMS and Chromeleon CDS or associated training. You will receive a certificate on completion of the course, and comprehensive course notes that can be used for reference.

Please note: This course uses SampleManager version 11.2 and Chromeleon 7.2 as the installed version for the training. Topics are relevant to earlier versions starting with SampleManager version 10.2 and Chromeleon 7 generally.

Upon completion of this course delegates will have:

  • Developed a clear understanding of SMCLink feature set
  • Examined all aspects of the SMCLink functionality
  • Skills to configure the SMCLink tools and objects in SampleManager and Chromeleon
  • Explored the relationship between SampleManager and Chromeleon via the SMCLink
  • Tested knowledge by creating mapping profiles, creating sequences and importing results
  • Learned how to install the kit on SampleManager and Chromeleon systems
  • Developed strategies for implementing the SMCLink in your environment

Who should attend:

  • Project Team members involved in implementing SampleManager and Chromeleon
  • Advanced users who will be involved in configuration of the kit in SampleManager and day-to-day use within Chromeleon.
  • Consultants who may be assisting in the configuration or deployment of the kit
  • SampleManager and Chromeleon Application Managers and technical leads
  • System Managers responsible for SampleManager and/or Chromeleon maintenance
  • Project managers seeking a detailed overview of functionality and feature set of the SMCLink

Course Schedule

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