Course Details

In this course you will develop the skills required to transform data using Thermo Scientific's Integration Manager.

You will be introduced to the concepts behind Integration manager and the tools used to integrate your data flow. Through hands-on workshops you will gain a basic knowledge of the techniques used to transform multiple data types.  This course is designed for integration with SampleManager.  While some concepts can be applied to other LIMS products the course is tailored with a focus on interfacing with SampleManager.

Please note that in 2023 this course may be attended in a virtual mode or in person mode in North America.  When registering please note your preference of attendance:  Virtual or In-person.

The following topics are covered:

  • Use of Integration Objects
  • Data transformation techniques
  • Text to XML transformations
  • XML to Text transformations
  • XML to XML transformations Installation and deployment
  • Integration Manager Components
  • Agent Types and Configuration
  • Use of Integration Points
  • Use Diagnostic tools
  • Use of Interfaces

Upon completion of this course delegates will have:

  • A sound understanding of the concepts of Integration Manager
  • Sound experience in using Integration Manager

Who should attend:

  • LIMS System Administrators
  • Instrument parser/mapping script developers

Course Materials

We provide a hardcopy of the training manual. For attendees who complete the class, we also provide access to an online copy of the book.

Course Schedule

Start DateLocationStatus
27-Feb-2024 West Palm Beach, FL, US
27-Feb-2024 Virtual - Americas
18-Jun-2024 West Palm Beach, FL, US
18-Jun-2024 Virtual - Americas
08-Oct-2024 West Palm Beach, FL, US
08-Oct-2024 Virtual - Americas