Designed for users familiar with Atlas, this one day course will demonstrate how Atlas Instrument Control and Acquisition work behind the scenes. This should help the user to understand, detect, investigate and solve problems with the Atlas system if they occur. Use, administration, and troubleshooting for specific instrument types will also be discussed.

Course Details

Upon completion, attendees will understand how Atlas instrument control functions and how this applies to specific instrument control types. This should be invaluable in the connection and configuration of instruments as well as in troubleshooting problems.

Upon completion of this course delegates will have:

History of Atlas Instrument Control

  • Chromserver
  • Dataserver
  • 247 Instrument Controller
  • Instrument Types

Instrument Control Components

  • User interface
  • Configuration files
  • Configuration Upload
  • Method Upload
  • Method Download
  • Direct Control

Dataserver/247 IC Functions

  • Automatic software updates
  • Adding DDK instruments
  • Getting instruments to “Idle” status
  • Start Run
  • Data acquisition
  • Post-injection snapshots

Instrument-Specific Configuration

  • Additional Cards on Dataserver
  • Hardware Changes for Instrument
  • Atlas Options in Instrument Configuration
  • Instrument Control Workbook Templates

Instrument Control Diagnostics

  • DDK (AG1100/1200, PE200, AG7890)
  • AG6890 and AG6850
  • AG5890
  • Thermo Surveyor and SpectraSYSTEM
  • Thermo Trace and FOCUS GCs
  • Waters Alliance 2690/2695
  • Other diagnostic tools

Instrument Control Features

  • Agilent 1100/1200 LC
  • Agilent 5890 GC
  • Agilent 6890 GC
  • Agilent 6850 GC
  • Agilent 7890 GC
  • Waters Alliance 2690/2695 LC
  • Perkin-Elmer 200 LC
  • Shimadzu VP
  • Thermo Surveyor LC
  • Thermo SpectraSYSTEM LC
  • Thermo Focus GC
  • Thermo Trace GC
  • Thermo Accela high-speed LC

Who should attend:

  • Experienced users of Atlas with differing levels of knowledge.

Course Materials

We provide a hardcopy of the training manual. For attendees who complete the class, we also provide access to an online copy of the book.

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