This course in four days will provide advanced knowledge you need to use and configure a Platform for Science Core LIMS solution. This course is geared to those intending to be System Admins or Core LIMS Subject Matter Experts who already attended a Platform for Science Core LIMS Fundamentals class or have mastered Core LIMS in daily use.

Course Details

This course provides a detailed look at the Advanced Core LIMS functionality. Ideally, this training should be taken after attending a Platform for Science Core LIMS Fundamentals training. You will receive a certificate on completion of the course, and comprehensive course notes that can be used for reference.

Please Note: This course uses Platform for Science version 6.01 as the installed version for the training. While most of the topics are relevant to earlier versions there are specific topics that are ONLY pertinent to Platform for Science version 6.01.

Upon completion of this course delegates will have:

  • Examined in-depth some of the most commonly used Advanced Core LIMS functionality
  • The knowledge required to be able to configure advanced functionality for your laboratory processes to Core LIMS

Who should attend:

  • System Administrators responsible for Core LIMS maintenance who attended Platform for Science Core LIMS Fundamentals training or have very clear understanding of fundamentals
  • Consultants who require advanced knowledge of Core LIMS deployments and functionality

Course Schedule

Start DateLocationStatus
06-Nov-2023 Virtual - Americas
15-Jan-2024 Virtual - Americas
18-Mar-2024 Virtual - Americas