The student will gain extensive experience of Atlas functionality, covering the major aspects of Atlas processing. With this knowledge the student can ensure that the most efficient use of Atlas is made. The student will also benefit from logical explanations of individual Atlas screens.

Course Details

This is an interactive 3-day course that provides a structured approach to Atlas functionality. Students are introduced to basic operations that form the foundation from which to learn more advanced operations. There are no limits placed on access to atlas functionality so a complete knowledge of the options will allow students to adapt their systems for more effective use. Students are free from the worries inherent with learning on live systems.

Upon completion of this course delegates will have:

  • Hands-on experience of Atlas
  • Complete access to all Atlas functionality, without restrictions imposed by system administrators
  • Free experimentation with ‘safe’ data
  • Realistic demonstrations and simulations.

Who should attend:

  • New users and experienced users of Atlas with differing levels of knowledge.

Course Materials

We provide a hardcopy of the training manual. For attendees who complete the class, we also provide access to an online copy of the book.

Course Schedule

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