This course in five days will provide the fundamental knowledge you need to use and deploy a standard LIMS solution. This course is geared to those intending to be Super Users and SampleManager Subject Matter Experts within their organization

Course Details

This course provides a detailed look at the key SampleManager functionality. Ideally, this training should coincide with the delivery of SampleManager. You will receive a certificate on completion of the course, and comprehensive course notes that can be used for reference.

Please note:This course uses SampleManager version 12.3 as the installed version for the training. While most of the topics are relevant to earlier versions there are specific topics that are ONLY pertinent to SampleManager version 12.3.

Upon completion of this course delegates will have:

  • Developed a clear understanding of SampleManager
  • Examined in-depth the key SampleManager functionality
  • The knowledge required to be able to map your laboratory processes to SampleManager functionality

Who should attend:

  • Project Team members involved in implementing SampleManager
  • Advanced users and new hires requiring a certificate on the latest product version
  • Consultants who require a fundamental knowledge of LIMS deployments
  • SampleManager Application Managers
  • System Managers responsible for SampleManager maintenance

Course Materials

We provide a hardcopy of the training manual. For attendees who complete the class, we also provide access to an online copy of the book.

Course Schedule

Start DateLocationStatus
20-Jun-2022 Virtual - Americas
22-Aug-2022 Virtual - Americas
24-Oct-2022 Virtual - Americas
05-Dec-2022 Virtual - Americas