Digital Science Training Services

Customer Benefits

High quality training pays dividends when it comes to the efficient laboratory. Knowing that your laboratory professionals have the relevant knowledge to carry out their roles makes business decisions far easier. We are the only people who can provide effective, up to date training on our software products.

Service Details

Our expert trainers offer a variety of education solutions, to ensure customers are able to obtain the most value from their investment. Education consulting services range from training needs assessment through to final training delivery. Scheduled training courses and workshops are provided either at the customer site or a nearby location, or at one of our regional facilities. Alternatively, a customized training solution can be tailored to your specific needs.

Course Offerings

Click on the course name below for more information on each course or click on the stream name for scheduled courses.

AtlasUsing Atlas3 Days
AtlasSystem Administration for Atlas2 Days
AtlasReport Manager for Atlas2 Days
AtlasAtlas Chromatographic Data Processing Advanced Topics1 Day
AtlasAdministration of Atlas Instrument Control1 Day
Integration ManagerUsing Integration Manager3 Days
NautilusManaging Nautilus5 Days
NautilusLIMS Reporter for Nautilus3 Days
NautilusNautilus Instrument Integration3 Days
NautilusNautilus Plate Handling1 Day
SampleManagerVGL for SampleManager5 Days
SampleManagerLIMS Reporter for SampleManager3 Days
SampleManagerSampleManager Forms2 Days
SampleManagerSampleManager Forms using C#3 Days
SampleManagerSampleManager Report and Label Designer2 Days
SampleManagerUsing SampleManager - eLearning0.5 Days
SampleManagerSampleManager Workflows2 Days
SampleManagerSampleManager-Chromeleon Link Configuration1 Day
SampleManagerSampleManager Stability2 Days
SampleManagerSampleManager LES2 Days
SampleManagerData Configuration in SampleManager5 Days
SampleManagerLIMS Administration for SampleManager4 Days
WatsonWatson Immune Response Module1 Day
WatsonIntroduction to Watson - eLearning0.5 Days
WatsonWatson LIMS3 Days
WatsonWatson Sample Handling1 Day